1 Day HIAB Training Course

Lorry-mounted cranes are often referred to as HIABs. This is a proprietary name of a Lorry Loader manufacturer and is a generically accepted term for a lorry loader. Lifting operations can often put people at great risk of injury, as well as incurring great costs when they go wrong. It is therefore important to properly resource, plan and organise lifting operations so they are carried out in a safe manner. Each of these elements requires a person or people with sufficient competence to be involved at each step. These people should have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of the work and equipment in question, as well as the requirements of the law, to be able to do this properly. Our RTITB course covers all aspects of HIAB operation and teaches the skills required to operate the equipment safely and effectively.

Who should attend?

Personnel required to operate a Lorry Loader

Course includes

  • Responsibility of the operator
  • Basic Hydraulic Systems
  • Daily Safety Checks
  • Safety Devices
  • Load Indicators
  • Site/Highway Safety
  • Operating Rules & Procedures
  • Safe Working Loads
  • Stability
  • Hydraulic Controls
  • Correct Siting of Vehicle
  • Safe Operating Practices & Procedures