If you own a business you have a legal duty to ensure all your employees are given the correct training to enable them to do their job properly and safely.

In addition, you have a duty of care, to ensure your operatives can escape from height if they are using equipment such as: Man-up/VNA Forklifts.

This type of equipment can breakdown and leave the operator stranded several metres from the ground and who would need to self rescue using the equipment provided. 

Who should attend?

Personnel who work at height using forklifts that transport them at height within the machine and require a means of escape in the event of the machine breaking down.

Course includes

  • To be able to assess the best means of escape.
  • To locate and safely setup abseil equipment before climbing out of the forklift.
  • To be able to abseil safely down to the ground using the rescue kit provided.
  • To exit the building in the event of an emergency, by locating the nearest emergency exit.
  • Gain confidence in the rescue equipment and self confidence to complete the escape.
  • means of escape, leaving abseil escape as a last resort.