RTITB Accredited ‘Non-Transferable’ certification

RTITB Accredited ‘Non-Transferable’ certification

RTITB Accredited ‘Non-Transferable’ certification   We know that it can be difficult to justify training spend for operators, if your organisation has concerns that they will use their certificate to gain employment elsewhere.  

In the past, organisations have overcome this by issuing ‘in-house’ certificates, that did not have the backing and protection of RTITB Accreditation.  

To help you put safety first while protecting your training investment, Shield Health & Safety can offer the choice of whether MHE operator certificates are restricted for use exclusively within your business or can be transferable.   Non-transferable registrations will not appear on the public database and certificates issued as non-transferable will clearly state this. 

Post Author: Craig Hilliam

Craig Hilliam