Covid and The Risks We Don't see

Covid and The Risks We Don't see

We all know that Covid 19 has changed the world and even the way we operate our very lives.

Distancing at shops, wearing masks in most circumstances when out and about and even socialising at distance with members of our own family.

Businesses, both large and small have also felt the tremendous weight of change both in labour and the way we work.

Covid is a risk that is managed on a daily basis like any other danger to the workplace and its staff – and this is where as a training company, we encourage our clients to add the Covid risk to its existing portfolio of dangers and not replace them. Companies must not look at the Covid infection as a reason they do not manage their training requirements or even put it off entirely.

Health and safety is now even more important than ever – in a time when the risk of infection is everywhere, we mustn’t be complacent in looking after our workforce and their safety.

Training is and always has been, the best way to help reduce risk in the workplace and to not manage it now would be detrimental to a company’s good work practises. Forklift training is one such example. A lot of businesses are already understaffed due to the furlough scheme or downturns in day to day business. With less staff, existing members are under more pressure to pick up the extra work that is left behind. This can lead to further pressures on operators to maintain delivery times and turnarounds. Without an up to date and relevant assessment behind them, this can lead to bad working practises and in some circumstances an accident – this is why training is now more than ever one of the most important cogs in a business’s safety wheel.

Let’s not give Covid any more lives than it has already taken, lets use this horrible illness to bolster our good working practises and keep our staff safe and competent.

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Post Author: Craig Hilliam

Craig Hilliam